How To Pair Roku Remote With TV

Do you know how to pair Roku remote with TV? Roku is a streaming service that gives you access to both paid and free movies, TV shows, and much more. When you take the set out of the package, it comes with its own remote control, and you have to connect, or pair, that remote control to the Roku system. It’s a simple operation, and all you have to do is follow the steps described below.

How To Pair Roku Remote With TV

How to Pair Roku to an Infrared (IR) Remote

There are two types of remote controls for the Roku system: a standard IR remote and an enhanced “point anywhere” type of remote. If you have the IR remote, here is how to hook it up:

  • Plug in your Roku device to your TV set and the wall outlet
  • Make sure you have the appropriate batteries (either AA or AAA) inserted into the remote
  • From here, you can push any button on the remote

Once that button is pressed, the system should automatically pair itself to the remote. The infrared portion allows the remote and the Roku system to sense one another and become automatically synced. Afterward, you should be all set up and ready to go.

How to Pair Roku to the Enhanced “Point Anywhere” Remote

If you think the IR remote is easy to set up, wait until you set up the enhanced remote because this one is even easier. Here is all you have to do to get it set up and running:

  • Put the batteries into your remote-control device
  • Turn on either the Roku device or the television set
  • Place the remote near the Roku device; this will automatically sync the two devices

At this point, your remote should be working properly with the Roku device because the methods used to get the remote to start working right are very simple and straightforward. Of course, not everything goes as planned, so if you do have problems setting up your remote, you have a few options to remedy the problem.

When You Need to Reset Your Roku Device

Sometimes, you need to reset the Roku device to get it to work properly, and like other methods used to fix problems, this one is very simple. Here’s all you have to do:

  • Unplug the Roku device from the electrical outlet
  • Take the batteries out of the Roku device
  • Wait five seconds, then plug your Roku device back in
  • Wait until you see the Roku logo on the screen, then insert the batteries into the device
  • Look for the “remote pairing” screen and see if it has been properly reset
  • In your battery compartment, look for the pairing button and press and hold the button for three seconds; the pairing light will start flashing on the screen
  • Wait for the process to complete itself; when the remote has been successfully paired, you will notice a prompt on your TV set telling you everything is set up properly

If you’re new to Roku and aren’t sure where your pairing button is, start by opening the battery compartment. If there are two buttons at the bottom of the battery compartment, the pairing button is usually the one on the far right. If there is only one button centered in the middle of the compartment, this is your pairing button.

No Pairing Button? You Can Sync the Roku Remote Anyway

If you find no pairing button in the battery compartment of your remote control, it simply means you have the IR type of remote, and you can do the syncing by following these steps:

  • Make sure there is nothing obstructing the area between the TV set and the remote control. You have to point the remote directly at the television set, but if there is something obstructing that particular area, the remote likely won’t work.
  • Reset the batteries in your remote. Just open the battery compartment, remove the batteries, then reinsert them, making sure they are fitting properly and are nice and tight. This could very well take care of the problem immediately.
  • Replace the batteries in your remote control with new ones. Batteries last a very long time, but you never know when they’re going to stop working, so replacing them may just be the step you need to take to get things working right once again.

What If a Green Light Starts Flashing on My Roku Remote?

Sometimes, you’ll notice a green light flashing on your Roku remote control. No need to panic if this happens, because here is all you need to do to get it working properly again:

  • Turn off the power on your Roku device
  • Turn off your router
  • Take the batteries out of your Roku remote control
  • Wait 10 seconds, then turn on both the router and the Roku device
  • Place the batteries inside the remote once again
  • Find the purple button inside of the remote’s battery compartment and press and hold that button for five seconds
  • Wait for a few minutes so that everything can finish booting up correctly

The Problem Could Be Outdated Software

Outdated software and older versions of software can wreak havoc on your Roku device, but if you’d like to update your Roku software, here is what you should do:

  • Press the Home key
  • Go to Settings
  • Open the System option
  • Select System Updated
  • Select Check Now

Sometimes, problems setting up your Roku remote have to do with problems that don’t occur that often, such as having too many apps on your device or having a faulty HDMI cable. For the most part, you can use the remote to determine what the problem area is, and from there it is usually simple to determine how to fix the problem.

In all of these cases, you can conduct an Internet search to find solutions to the problems you’re having with your Roku remote. Roku itself is also a big help, because if you visit their website you’ll have access to dozens of tips and suggestions you can use to repair any problem you’re having with the system. You can even download software in certain circumstances, so they have everything you need to get your system up and running the way it’s supposed to.

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